Care Instructions

Read our care instructions to learn how to clean and care for your CAB Deco furniture.



Metals :

Cleaning: Metallic, steel, aluminium and polished surfaces should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and warm water; for persistent stains, liquid soap diluted in water can be used. After cleaning, always dry with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning products for steel ovens, chlorine, bleach, or other aggressive detergents. Avoid abrasive sponges that can scratch metallic surfaces.

Use: Pay attention to food stains like coffee, juice or cola; if they are not removed immediately, they can leave indelible marks on the surface.


Woods :

Cleaning: Clean any wood surfaces with a damp cloth and warm water. Always dry after cleaning. Remove any liquid substances and any other residue to avoid absorption.

Use: Wood is a natural material; therefore, the colour and surface could undergo changes with use and over time. Wood surfaces cannot endure high temperatures, like direct contact with hot pots and pans. Exposure over time to light sources can change the colour of the wood.


Plastics :

Cleaning: Plastic surfaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth and warm water; for persistent stains, a small amount of liquid soap diluted in water may be used. Avoid using acetone, trichloroethylene, ammonia, ethyl alcohol and detergents that contain these substances because they can render shiny surfaces opaque. Avoid all types of abrasive substances, like for example powdered cleaning products, abrasive creams, score pads and rough sponges.

Use: Avoid placing objects on the surface that can scratch the material with which the products are made. We remind you that surfaces made from plastic materials cannot endure high temperatures, like for example direct contact with hot pots and pans.


Outdoor Furniture :

Our outdoor furniture is generally made for south-european winters, which can reach approximatly -10°C at their peak.



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